How to Rock Your Choker Like A Boss!

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Every girl has her own style and flair. This can range from punk to goth to boho to girly. There are an endless combination of ways to create your own style.

One way of playing up your style has been the mysterious choker,which also carries a reputation of it's own. 

Chokers take your style from understated to STATEMENT! It is a guarantee that you will be more noticed when wearing a choker. Trust me I can tell you. I own about a trillion chokers and I am still collecting!!!

That being said on to the 3 ways how to rock your choker like a BOSS!


1. Pick a choker that compliments your style.

If you are a very girly girl then it probably wouldn't sit well to wear a punk choker with a romantic themed dress. Well unless you decide to live on the wild side!!! In that case kudos to you. Whether you choose vintage,goth, punk or whichever style use to enhance your style not end up on the fashion police list.

romantic lace black choker


2. Ensure it is the right fit.

Chokers usually come in one size fits all to be fair. However, like myself who almost choked herself to death wearing a choker the wrong way (I laced it too tight and nearly cut off my own circulation), do any adjustment to make sure it fits snugly against your neck at all times. It should not be tight or pinching the skin. The bulging cartoon look is neither hot nor trending ladies.


3. Be confident

Listen, not everyone has the courage or confidence to bring off a choker. However, that is not set in stone. It does attract attention from my experience but keep in mind that you are a beautiful, amazing sexy woman who can rock anything just like Marilyn Monroe. You just have to be believe it my darling. So grab your outfit, slay that choker and conquer the world one choker at a time. If you are still feeling shy then feel free to channel your favorite style icons. One of my favorites just happen to be Rihanna, who is Queen of the Chokers as far as I am concerned since she wears them so much!!!! Yasssss Chokaholics unite!!!

See below for choker style slay by Ms. Ri Ri herself.

So ladies head out and show the world what you are made of with style and elegance. Remember to check out for more chokers.

Your favourite Chokaholic,


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