About Us

Chokaholics is the brainchild of Reganhia Wright,who has been in love with jewellery and accessories for as long as she could talk. Over time, her love became stronger and stronger when she realized she could not pass chokers, sunglasses or handbags whether on Sale or not. The name Chokaholics, refers to all the girls like us across the world who just can't resist the call of or addiction to wearing the world's favourite fashion accessory.

Even celebrities have been bitten by the Choker bug, and we often see celebrities such as Kendall Jenner,Kim Kardashian and Rihanna rocking this fierce trend! Who are to we to say those fashion icons are wrong when they have been slaying outfits and creating massive followings for ages through their impeccable style choices?

We had a vision of building a brand that made women across the world feel confident and beautiful wearing our accessories. That was our aim. We simply want you to feel good knowing you are beautiful and you rock!

What would it be like to wear one of our chokers?

Well, imagine every head turning as you walk into a room as everyone wonders who is the girl with the amazing style. Women whisper "I wanna be her" and men whisper "I wanna get to know her". Your style is trendy, chic and your outfit is complimented by your choker game that is on point.

They can't help but stare at you in awe. Some people start to wonder if you are a celebrity, but you simply smile confidently and make your way through the crowd with your well kept secret. The girls can't help but wonder about your confidence; and the men can't help but stare. But it's simply this. Our accessories make you feel good because you KNOW you look amazing.

Let me share our secret for our gorgeous angels.

Formula: Killer outfit + our choker = celebrity status.

I, too am obsessed with chokers and love the diversity it offers to an outfit; from goth to elegant. There's never a wrong way to wear a choker in my eyes! And that's why I decided to start Chokaholics and share my passion for chokers with you:).

Chokaholics is based in the beautiful,tropical island of Jamaica, where the sun is always shining,the food is always spicy and the beaches are always inviting. So dive into our collection of chokers and accessories to your heart's content (No judgement from a certified Chokaholic herself). Shhhhh!! I shop here too:). 

Here's to a long and rewarding relationship between us. Chokaholics Unite!




Lots of love,